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Mini Puzzles (assorted metal and wooden puzzles)


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each sold individually

  • Silk Worm - metal disentanglement puzzle
  • Roman Arches - metal disentanglement puzzle
  • Appian Way - mini wooden puzzle
  • Yin Yang - metal disentanglement puzzle
  • Powder Keg - wooden assembly puzzle
  • Aztec Sun Stone - mini wooden puzzle
  • Mosaic Tile - mini wooden puzzle
  • Pharoah's Ale - mini wooden puzzle

Each True Genius disentanglement puzzles are comprised of two pieces of metal that have been cleverly linked together. These puzzle classics are perfect for puzzle fanatics.

Assembly puzzles require the puzzler to combine and arrange several pieces to create one, unified object.  Once solved, they can be used as desk ornaments, sculptures, stress relievers or just put out on display.

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