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Vehicles - RC


  • Odyssey Toys

    Bubble Blitz


    The Odyssey Bubble Blitz is more than just a battery-powered toy car. We came up with the crazy idea to design a bubble-maker to attach to the car’...

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  • Dino RC Car
    Dino RC Car

    Dino RC Car


    Explore indoor and outdoor terrains in a brand new way with a spinning, flipping, twisting remote control stunt car! This mini race car has an LED-...

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  • RC Shark
    RC Shark
    Thin Air Brands, LLC

    RC Shark


    You may think you're safe floating happily in your pool... but wait, what's that on the surface? A shark fin? It can't be! Or CAN it...?! Shark lov...

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  • HaloSpin
    Sold out
    Odyssey Toys



    The HALOSPIN is a revolutionary drone. The disc that surrounds the drone has the ability to spin rapidly while flying in mid-air. This creates a st...

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