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Genius Square Tournament - June 4


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Our Genius Square Tournament is an exciting and free competition designed to challenge and engage puzzle enthusiasts ages 6+.

  • Day: Tuesday, June 4
  • When: 1 pm
  • Who: Ages 6 to adults - No Experience Necessary 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Registration: Participants sign up for the tournament. Each registrant receives a confirmation and a schedule of matches. Please indicate the name and age of your registrant(s) in the note section of the check-out page.

  2. Tournament Format: The tournament follows a knockout format. Each round pairs players in head-to-head matches, with the winner progressing to the next round until only one champion remains.

  3. Gameplay: Each match involves playing the Genius Square game, where players race to complete the puzzle by fitting all their pieces into the grid around pre-placed blockers. 

  4. Elimination and Advancement: Players compete in a series of rounds. Winners advance to the next stage, while eliminated players can participate in consolation rounds for additional fun and practice.
  5. Finals: The top players face off in a grand finale to determine the ultimate Genius Square champion. Bragging rights and small prizes are awarded to the top performers.

Join us for a fun tournament where strategy, speed, and skill are key to becoming the Genius Square champion!

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