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Ultimate Lego Championship Starts August 14th!

The Ultimate Lego Championship is Back! 

🎉 Calling all young builders!  Get ready for an exciting LEGO Building Competition for individuals aged 6 and up! 

Unleash your imagination and creativity as you embark on an epic building adventure with LEGO! Whether you dream of futuristic cities, underwater creatures, or outer space, this competition is your chance to bring your wildest ideas to life!

Build individually and craft unique, original creations that will amaze LEGO enthusiasts and parents! Show off your building skills, and who knows? You might be the next Ultimate LEGO Champion in town! 🏆

🕒 The clock is ticking, and you'll have until August 21st to turn in your masterpiece.

Bragging rights await our winners in three categories, and every participant will receive a special participation ribbon to commemorate their LEGO journey! 🏅

  • August 14 - 21: Submissions received by Fantasy Island Toys (please make your creation easy to transport
  • August 21 - September 8: Creations displayed in the store windows and public voting begins
  • September 9: Winners Announced

📅 Mark your calendars!  for September 9th and join us at Fantasy Island Toys to crown the winner and for a day filled with fun, friendship, and LEGO magic! 

Let's build memories together and unlock a world of endless possibilities with LEGO! 

 Official Rules

  • The competition is open to individuals between the ages of 6 and up

  • A winner will be announced  for the following categories based on most votes:
    1. Ages 6 - 12
    2. Ages 12 +
    3. One Overall Winner - The Ultimate Lego Champion
  • Participants are encouraged to compete individually.

  • Parents are encouraged to support and cheer for their children, but not to interfere with the building process.
  • The 2023 competition will not be based on any specific theme.  Participants have the ability to build how their creativity takes them. 

  • Participants must use only standard LEGO bricks and elements available in official LEGO sets. No custom or modified pieces are allowed.
  • All entries must be original creations.

  • Participants cannot use pre-designed LEGO sets or models found in official LEGO instructions.

  • The judging panel consists of the voting public.
  • The judging panel can cast one vote once per day during the voting duration (August 21 - September 8). 
  • The judging panel is asked to base decisions on the following criteria

    • Creativity
    • Originality
    • Special Features 
  • Participants must  turn in their creations during the drop off time allotted (August 14 - 21).

  • Small prizes will be awarded for age category winners and overall winner. 

  • Each participant will receive a participation ribbon
  • Photographs of each creation and builders will be used for documentation and for promotional purposes. 

Remember, the main goal of the Ultimate Lego Competition is to encourage creativity, ingenuity and a love for building with LEGO bricks. 

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