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Sparkly Fairy Hair - July 26

Come join the fun and get sparkled and glammed! Fairy hair is also called hair tinsel, glitter strands, shimmers, sparkle strands, or silk extensions. Aly Lewis, from ColoreVous Salon, will tie one to two vibrant beads of tinsel into the hair to add sparkle and bling to your sweety's locks. Think of it as hair jewelry! Once affixed, Fairy Hair can be treated just like your own hair. You can brush it, wash it, blow dry it, flat iron it, and curl it. Each appointment will take about 5 minutes and is perfect for ages 3+ as long as you have 2-3 inches of length.

July 26, 2023

11 am - 1 pm

Age 3 +

Cost $10

About the Stylist: Aly Lewis has always been passionate about the art of beauty! She began as a makeup artist in 2019, where she discovered the joy of helping people feel beautiful. Her goal has always been to empower every person that she meets to feel confident in expressing their inner beauty. In 2021 she put that passion to work in cosmetology school and shorty after became a stylist at ColoreVous Salon co. She loves to learn about new trends and techniques for hair and make every experience in her chair a fun and creative one! Whether it be a blow out on your lunch break, a routine haircut or, a fresh color makeover she's excited to work with you!


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